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What is Cfast?

At entry level, Cfast treatment primarily concerns itself with movement of the anterior six teeth with little or no disruption of the posterior occlusion.

Cfast stands for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth.

It is an adult orthodontic system designed to give patients a significant improvement in the appearance of their teeth, discreetly, with minimal discomfort and without substantially changing the biting position. By focusing on just the front six teeth — the social six — that make up most of the visible smile, treatment is usually completed in around four to six months.

A more clinical definition would be:

Orthodontic treatment that focuses on the cosmetic improvement of teeth in the aesthetic zone, has no detrimental effect on the occlusion and can be completed in a time frame significantly shorter than that of conventional orthodontics and usually less than 9 months.

A challenge in cosmetic dentistry is the establishment of good gingival symmetry and proportion — the pink aesthetics. With Cfast, brackets are positioned in such a way so as to give ideal gingival symmetry at the end of the alignment stage.

Following Cfast treatment, opportunities exist to correct incisal edge discrepancies with minimally invasive techniques such as composite restorations. This can be followed by teeth bleach/whitening in the office or with a take-home kit.

Why only the front six?

Cfast offers a system that can be provided by general practitioners with little or no fixed orthodontic experience. Cfast does not get into advanced and complex diagnostic techniques required for moving teeth posterior to the canines.

Not all cases will benefit from this simplistic approach of Cfast. Case selection and assessing patient expectations forms an important part of identifying which cases should be treated and which should be rejected or referred for more specialist care.

Cfast Origins:

biju krishnan
Biju Krishnan

Cfast was developed in 2009 by Biju Krishnan, BDS.

Dr. Krishnan has been recognized as one of Scotland's outstanding dentists in the Dentistry Awards. His dental practice, Lubiju, was highly commended as Best Specialist Practice in Scotland and voted Best Practice in East Scotland.

He is on the editorial board of Aesthetic Dentistry Today and the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Krishnan lectures nationally and internationally, primarily on short-term adult orthodontics, in which he has pioneered new concepts using the Cfast system. He has trained over 500 dentists.

Dr. Krishnan qualified from Dundee University in 1993 and completed a clinical attachment in oral surgery in 1999. He focuses on advanced restorative, surgical and cosmetic procedures. He currently practices in Edinburgh and London.


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