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Cfast Doctor Testimonials

I began my first Cfast case with a bit of trepidation, having never done any Ortho before. Dr. Miyasaki and team were quite supportive and the case was begun without a hitch. My patient was a long time supporter or our practice and had been living with an anterior open bite with flared lateral incisors her whole life. She told me that her daughter was getting married in about a year and she would love to have her teeth straight for the event of her life! After consultation with the Cfast team, we decided the case was treatable and we moved forward with enthusiasm. This was perhaps a bit complicated for my first case, but I'm no stranger to challenges and threw myself into the treatment with gusto! I'm proud to announce that after 9 months, we went to permanent retention and my patient looks incredible! She was thrilled with the result and I think her daughter's wedding and her new smile will go hand in hand for an outstanding debut event! Thanks Cfast for your help in transforming my patient's dentition and confidence in her dentist.....that would be me.

~ Joe Armel, DDS

Cfast allows me to provide an aesthetic treatment option for my patients that is minimally-invasive, effective and affordable. Cfast is easy to learn and will positively impact your practice's growth and income as soon as you take the course.

~ Michael Miyasaki, DDS

Everyone wins with Cfast. I wish I had offered it a long time ago. Cfast is simple, and my patients love their results!

~ Tom Gibson, DDS

The Forum has been brilliant and I would not have even contemplated taking on any cases without knowing you are there to advise. I am learning a lot from looking at other colleagues cases as well as my own. This sort of advice and knowledge simply cannot be gained without mentors like yourselves. I have nearly completed four cases (after twenty five years of NOT doing any ortho!) and am excited to be able to offer this choice to my patients. My thanks to all of the Cfast mentors — your knowledge, support and passion is incredible

~ John Moore, DDS

Anybody who is involved in cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry needs to add this simple, patient orientated treatment to their options.

~ Jeremy Hill, DDS

Very impressed orthodontics made simple — keep it up!

~ Sunday Samuel, DDS

Great course! Good mix of theory and practical. Good support from team and literature!

~ Amit Duggal, DDS

Since l began offering Cfast in my practice last August, I have been able to help people have more confident smiles in a short amount of time. One of my friends had been for a traditional orthodontic consultation for her very mal-positioned teeth and had rejected it due to budget concerns. We decided to do Cfast for minimal costs to see if we could improve her smile somewhat. We are both so pleased that we have amazing results in such a short time. When she got the brackets off and could see the changes fully and could see the nearly perfectly straight smile, tears came as she was so overcome with emotion. We have seen such dramatic results with many cases and even the quiet man began to joke that he is going to be featured in GQ magazine. We hope that his next step will be to move forward with whitening.

One of my patients is a young man with very small teeth and peg laterals. We plan to close the diastema between the two central incisors and then only do veneers for the laterals to be as conservative as possible. Another young man had a rotated #6 and wants to have that straightened for his wedding photos. Cfast has allowed me to confidently offer solutions to help patients have a conservative improvement to their smiles.

I have appreciated the new income stream and the opportunity to introduce something so beneficial to my patients and hope to continue to learn and be able to help with more cases. My assistants are well versed and they help me keep the procedure efficient in our day.

~ Tamara Clauson, DDS

Since completing several major aesthetic veneer continuum programs, I have gained a heightened interest in reducing the preparation of teeth for aesthetic advantages.

I have met an increasing number of patients who WANT a nice, NATURAL smile while minimizing the long-term effects of traditional veneer placement.

Cfast has led me into a realm of dentistry where the patient can assume more control in their aesthetic smile. Time and potential harm to teeth seem to be fundamental elements patients are seeking to minimize. We are too busy, and we don't want pain.

I have been surprised at the number of patients who want to straighten their teeth in an efficient, and simple way not only for aesthetic reasons, but, more often, for the periodontal benefit of teeth that are easier to cleanse.

Finally, as dental insurance and benefits continue to evolve to a business market that does not value oral health and restorative dental needs as they did in prior decades, the production that Cfast has provided is helping to close the financial gap from the insurance adjustments required from major insurance carriers. This has been extraordinarily helpful in allowing our office the continued growth and optimal patient satisfaction with which we seek.

Cfast has become a dental technique that not only helps our patients improve their periodontal and hygiene care, but promotes healthier smiles in what we have seen as few as three months. Our family of health and aesthetic conscious patients hope that Cfast can continue to help others to experience the benefit of simple, and efficient orthodontic care.

~ Joel McFaul, DDS