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Pacific Aesthetic Continuum

Cfast Partners

The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum

Cfast USA and the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (PAC), are pleased to announce they have formed a working relationship centered in the cross promotion of their specific continuing education course curriculum. The PAC and Cfast USA each see the cosmetic orthodontic techniques used in Cfast as useful tools in the aesthetic treatment approach taught within the PAC's curriculum.

Smile Source

Smile Source

Smile Source is a network of extraordinary dental care practitioners who strive to provide patients with the best care available. Smile Source is dedicated to preserving the elite business of independent dental care and providing highly personalized services delivered through a unique heritage of shared expertise. Smile SourceĀ© is committed to ongoing education for member doctors and their staff and promotes the Cfast Smiles courses as part of their curriculum.

Triple O Labs

Triple O Dental Laboratories

Triple O International offers full dental laboratory services with specialties in the Light Wire Appliance, SmileTRU and individualized case assessment. They are dedicated to excellent customer service and providing clients with the resources needed to manage dental practices. Triple O Lab provides all lab services for Cfast cases, and has a full time orthodontist on staff for immediate consultation.