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CfastUSA and Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (PAC) Form Association

Pacific Aesthetic Continuum

La Vista, Neb., July 8, 2015 — CfastUSA today announces a new relationship with the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (PAC) of Lodi, CA.

CfastUSA represents Cfast and Cfast Smiles to dental practitioners in the United States. Cfast uses a focused approach of cosmetic tooth alignment for adults. The system is discreet and uses minimally-invasive orthodontic principles, with normal case completion in about six months. The Cfast technique is taught by leading dental clinicians in a one-day course with lecture and hands-on training. Doctors are able to begin treating cases immediately after completing the course.

The PAC provides dentists and their teams with visionary, continuing educational opportunities that translate into their everyday practice through seminars and hands-on program teaching the latest in comprehensive restorative dentistry, finished aesthetically.

Their team of instructors includes some of the most respected dentists and lecturers in the country, each with a passion for teaching and staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of dentistry.

Cliff Herd, managing partner of CfastUSA, commented, "The association with the PAC fits perfectly with the mission and structure of Cfast. The PAC and CfastUSA each see the orthodontic techniques used in Cfast as useful tools in the comprehensive aesthetic treatment approach taught within the PAC's curriculum. We will work jointly to support each of our specific continuing education course curriculum."

Garrett Caldwell, CEO of Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, said, "The PAC is pleased to enter into this relationship with CfastUSA. We share a vision that promotes developing skills by participating in a series of courses teaching the latest in comprehensive restorative dentistry, finished aesthetically. CfastUSA and the PAC's instructors, all supported by world class laboratories, are some of the most respected dentists and lecturers in the country, each with a passion for teaching and staying at the forefront of the ever evolving field of dentistry." The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum is headquartered in Lodi, Calif. CfastUSA is headquartered in La Vista, Neb.


P. 844-232-7887
Cliff Herd, President & CEO
Pacific Aesthetic Continuum
P. 888-702-2560
Garrett Caldwell, C.E.O


Cfast Cosmetic Tooth Alignment
Pre-show Edition • Wednesday, February 25, 2015

With cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry growing so rapidly, it's time to add Cfast to your cosmetic treatment options!

Cfast treatments give patients a significant improvement in the appearance of their teeth, discreetly, with minimal discomfort and without substantially changing the biting position.

Cfast uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to correct the front six teeth that make up most of the visible smile. Because brackets with wires move teeth more quickly than fitted aligners, treatment is usually completed in about six months. Fast treatment plus an aesthetic appearance are appealing to potential adult patients.

Cfast is Cosmetic Dentistry, Not Orthodontics

Cfast can be provided by general practitioners with little or no fixed orthodontic experience. Cfast doesn't get into advanced and complex diagnostic techniques required for moving teeth posterior to the canines.

Cfast overcomes a common challenge in cosmetic dentistry — establishing good gingival symmetry and proportion — the pink aesthetics.

Cfast Opens the Door for Additional Treatments

Following Cfast treatment, you may correct incisal edge discrepancies with minimally invasive techniques such as composite restorations. You can further enhance the patient's appearance with teeth whitening procedures.

Cfast Adds Patients and Revenue

Demand for cosmetic procedures is growing, and the patients that seek it are willing to pay a premium.

Adding one Cfast case per week can increase your revenues by more than $100K annually.

Cfast Course Information

Learn the Cfast technique in one six-hour course and earn six CE credits. You will get hands-on training and learn Cfast applications and case selection. Our course educators have successfully integrated Cfast into their own practices. They will prepare you to start your first case immediately.

The Mentors and the Lab

Not all cases will benefit from the simplistic approach of Cfast. Case selection and assessing patient expectations forms an important part of identifying which cases should be treated and which should be rejected or referred for more specialized care.

Cfast educators and practitioners mentor you through your first several cases, offering support and guidance. You will also have access to a global support forum.

When you have a suitable case, you will send impressions to the Cfast Lab where brackets are placed on the patient model and a complete, custom treatment plan is prescribed. You will place the brackets on the patient using simple indirect bonding and follow the lab's plan for success.

Cfast Supports You

Course tuition is low and lab fees are extremely reasonable.

Cfast doesn't require an annual case minimum. You are not expected to hard sell Cfast to your patients.

Cfast provides marketing materials to help you promote this treatment. Your practice information is listed on our website, and Cfast maintains social media sites for additional exposure.

Become a Certified Cfast Provider Today

Courses are scheduled in major cities across the country. Find a location close to home or pick a city you would like to visit and sign up today. You will be joining an impressive group of practitioners. We welcome you aboard.

Cfast — Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth
Reprinted from Dentistry News Journal • Friday, February 27, 2015 • 2nd Edition

Over the last 20 years there have been many different courses teaching orthodontics to general dentists. It seems like doctors get out after only one or two years if something else comes along they are more comfortable with.

Cfast — Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth – has seen international success and growth because it uses an approach that works for cosmetic dentists. Mentoring is a very big part of the Cfast program. Every new provider is mentored through several cases to ensure they are completely comfortable with the treatment. Our purpose is to keep the doctor focused on cases they are trained to treat.

Cfast is easy to learn. It doesn't delve into complicated orthodontics and most cases can be completed in about six months. We only treat adults that are no longer experiencing growth, and the treatment method virtually guarantees patient cooperation, resulting in success for the doctor and patient.

Cfast leaves the occlusion alone by placing brackets that are bonded in a neutral position in the posterior segments. Then, by using only round wires, the focus is leveling, aligning, rotating, and some tipping, but no torque moving the roots into the bone, and moving only the front teeth, the "smile zone," or the "social six teeth."

Cfast uses clear brackets and tooth colored wires for a cosmetically focused treatment. This method offers a real advantage over clear tray systems when problems occur during treatment. Mid-course corrections are made at the chair rather than taking more impressions, getting more trays, and spending more money with the lab. Patient compliance is 100% because they can't remove the appliance.

Cfast differs from our competitors in that our lab creates the set up by placing the brackets from the gingival margins rather than the incisal edge. We're looking for final tissue symmetry that results from doing it this way. This symmetry and proportion shows the smile at its best.

At Cfast, we follow the ABC's of creating beautiful smiles and satisfied patients.

  • A — Alignment
  • B — Bleach
  • C — Color and Contour

In others words, be a great cosmetic dentist.

If you ask adult patients why they haven't had orthodontics, you'll probably hear one of three reasons: time, metal braces, or cost. People want things done fast. While price is important, the time element is what gets patients to agree to treatment.

Cfast courses are offered in major cities in the United States and taught by dentists that have successfully integrated Cfast into their practice. The time to add this award-winning treatment option to your practice is now.